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Superior Mark Number one in self-adhesive floor tape


Superior Mark
Floor Tape
Marking Paint
  Superior Mark
Floor Markings
  Superior Mark
Floor Signs


Superior Mark Glow in the Dark      
Superior Mark
Glow in the dark
  Superior Mark
  Superior Mark
Carpet Tape 
Tools - Fast, Easy & Durable

Easymarking is a young and dynamic company founded by Kees Vlaar. Through years of experience in striping and marking he knows which marking materials you can trust. The company therefore focuses entirely on providing the best marking materials for industrial floors and other surfaces where marking is desired.

Particularly on surfaces where the use of typical coatings are prohibited we can provide a solution. Our high quality products are reliable, easy to apply and maintainable. This way you save money, time and you stay in control.


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Advantages over other tapes

Superior Mark Tape

Other Tapes
Extra powerful patented adhesive system.  

To be used immediately after application, no drying time.   

Easy to apply.  


Durable beveled edges.

Odorless, no chemical fumes.  

Easy to remove, useful for Lean 5S.


An easy start
With the tape from

Easy to apply on every floor!

Tutorial videos with clear explanations.

Patented Adhesive System.

Removeable without damage.